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"Youth must be mentored so that they learn from the experiences of the elders, while use their own energy and passion so that we can achieve a good result"

Muhamad Hameed Tahmasi

Minister of Transportation and Aviation


“Youth should participate in programs and activities, They plan to build society with their activities"

Wahida Faizi

Female Committee of the Afghan Journalists Safety Committee


"Young means dynamic, mobility, vitality and happiness. The driving force that can make positive changes in all sectors are young people and they should be given the opportunity to be trusted"

Abdul Baseer Azemi

Ministry of Energy and Water


"The unparalleled interest, commitment, and efforts of the youth of Afghanistan gives hope for the future of Afghanistan"

Doctor Najib Sharefi

Head of the Afghan Journalists Safety Committee


"Youth should decide how to take advantage of the opportunities they have in their lives, and making their country’s future beautiful and progressive"

Roya Rahmani

Afghanistan’s Ambassador to Indonesia



Gulzad Foundation was formed by Gulzad Group as a public charity organization for improving the quality of life among the poor and the needy, especially the women and children of Afghanistan, who are among the most vulnerable in the country.

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