Sadah’e Jawanan
(Voice Of The Youth)

Program Information:

  • Category: Programs
  • Day(s): Saturday
  • Broadcast Time: 06:00 PM

Sadah’e Jawanan
(Voice Of The Youth)

Show Introduction:

The purpose of this show is to emphasize rights and the voices of young people, and to insure that they are heard by those whose decisions affect the youth. We also aim to educate the youth of their rights promised to them by the Constitution, and to enlighten them of their rights, and how to defend the voices of other youth.



What is this program about:
The Voice of Youth show has four different segments. In the first part, we will discuss all the hot topics of the week that are being debated on all social media platforms, and we gather opinions of the viewers. In the second part, we will make highlight all the related problems that Afghan youth face in daily basis. The show will have one guest invite in the studio who has knowledge about the issue and openly discuss it with our hosts. In the third part of the show, we will introduce a youth who started from nothing, and despite facing challenges, they were still able to push through barriers successfully to become a great example of their generation and the society. The last part of the show will discuss the most intriguing and significant event of the previous week. We will end the segment with related success story of an Afghan youth abroad.


هدف این برنامه تأکید بر حقوق و صدای جوانان بوده تا آنها را مطمین سازیم که صدای آنها توسط کسانی که تصامیم آنها بر سرنوشت این جوانان تاثیر گذار است شنیده می شود. ما همچنان می خواهیم جوانان را از حقوق شان که در قانون اساسی بیان شده است آگاه بسازیم که آنها بتوانند از حقوق خود و دیگر جوانان دفاع کنند.


زموږ د دې خپرونې موخه د ځوانانو د حقونو اخيستل او د ځوانانو غږ تر هغه کسانو رسول دي، چې پرېکړې یې د ځوانانو پر راتلونکی اغيز لري، د دې ترڅنګ موږ غواړو ځوانان له هغه حقونو خبر کړو، چې په اساسي قانون کې راغلي تر څو وکولای شي، له خپل او د نورو ځوانانو له حق څخه دفاع وکړي.



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